Hello. I'm Eric Boggs.

I'm a developer, non-profit co-founder and Marine Corps Veteran that is dedicated to social good. I currently work at Alchemy (a P&G company) and serve on the board of A Voice for the Innocent, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those affected by sexual violence.


Since serving in the United States Marine Corps, I've committed myself to learning, sharing and crafting technology. I've spent half of my time building websites and apps for profit and the other half focused on technology that improves people's lives. Since 2012, I have served as a board member for AVFTI, a nonprofit organization that helps those affected by sexual violence. I've also taught over 150 students about the principles of web development through Girl Develop It Cincinnati.


Software Engineer

At Alchemy, I work to create excellent user experiences on websites and mobile applications for Procter and Gamble's Home Care team. I work with React and React Native on a day-to-day basis and spend the rest of my time working to advance our Front End practice.

A Voice for the Innocent


In 2012, I co-founded A Voice for the Innocent is a non-profit community dedicated to the support of those affected by sexual violence. We use technology to provide access to long term resources. My primary focus is the development and growth of the storytelling and resource platforms.

Girl Develop It


As a long time instructor for Girl Develop It Cincinnati, I have taught more than 150 students about the principles of web development. I primarily teach Intermediate level classes which focus on the real world implementation of technologies that students have learned.


Things to consider before starting a nonprofit

I’ve been running A Voice for the Innocent for about 6 years at the time of publishing this article. During that time, I’ve had lots of people ask me how to start a nonprofit. Honestly, when I started I knew nothing about nonprofits. However, there were a few core questions, attitudes and realizations that we had in the beginning that helped us push through the hurdles and last as long as we have.

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I'm always interested in discussing programming or non-profit projects over a cup of coffee. Hit me up.



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